Cooking Rules I Break!

There are rules in cooking you can't break--like the fact that you have to cook chicken thoroughly--but there are some that aren't hard and fast. Some people will subscribe to one camp or another, but me? I'm more the Switzerland of the cooking world. That is, sometimes I am a rule follower and other times, a rule breaker. You have to know when it's appropriate.

In an effort to empower people everywhere to take to the kitchen I wanted to share the times I break "rules" in the kitchen--in case you do it and you feel internally guilty or just plain confused as to whether or not you can do that.

I am huge on substitutions. But not all subs are created equal. This is an argument I have with my mom a lot because she will tell me a wacky substitution she made and I will say, "MOM!" and then I will tell her about my sub and she'll say, "SEE! You do it too!!"

But let's quickly review; I will substitute almond milk for regular in just about everything (even homemade ice cream) without a second thought. But when a recipe calls for pumpkin, I am not likely to substitute peanut butter (Mom). What I will sub for pumpkin? Butternut squash. Also, I will interchange mozzarella and parmesan cheese a lot. Or greek yogurt for sour cream. Or applesauce for sugar. Sometimes I get more creative...usually at the insistence of my mom, but if there is ever a question--google it!

There have been a ton of times I have been surprised at what you can interchange--like sugar and brown sugar--who knew?! The rules, as I have said, don't always apply.

Now I mostly always use measurements on my recipes here because I am providing them to the public and I hope that new and budding home chefs will become inspired and want to learn. And when you are learning, the measurements mean a lot (at least they did for me!) But when I am cooking for pleasure, I don't measure--even if I am following a recipe.

Now for baking, I pretty much measure all the time. Baking is a science, and I don't claim to be a great baker because I am more of a cook...but someday I hope to be good enough to eyeball a cup of sugar or flour. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Times & Temperatures
I will up a temperature in a heartbeat. When my baking is going too slow, I become a skeptic. I will also lower if it's going too fast. The truth of the matter is that sometimes people put out recipes that are, well, a little half-baked.

So if I need more time, I add it. If I need more heat, I crank it up! This is where intuition comes in handy!

Tell me, what cooking rules do you break? None? Some? ALL!? I want to know! Leave it comments section below!

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