The Truth: Going Out is Overrated

To say I am sort of a homebody would be an understatement. This is evidenced by the fact that I found I career that I could do at home, and the fact that I barely ever leave said living space. For years, I have tried to make excuses for my behavior, but now I am just over trying to explain why I don't want to go out. I just don't, and it's reason enough.

I would like to sum it up in one blanket statement: going out is overrated.

It's not that it's overrated in general--it's just overrated for me at this particular stage of my life. I genuinely like getting my full nine hours of sleep. And I don't like driving in the dark. And also drinking at home is cheaper, not to mention safer.

Don't get me wrong or anything--I have been a party girl. I have seen the sun rise because I never went to bed more times than I could possibly tell you. I have seen over 100 concerts in three countries. But at some point, I got tired. And (go figure!) I started liking work more than I enjoyed being out all night. I discovered DVR, reality television, and the comfort of my couch. And books. And exercise!

Going out, partying--the whole nine--it just became a sort of overrated.

It's a natural progression for most people... not, like, on schedule or anything, but for most people, they find that the going out loses it luster. Which is probably good; we wouldn't want everyone just wanting to party all the time, or we wouldn't have a very productive society.

What I have found though, is that my transition into reformed party girl wasn't an easy one. I felt like there was an obligation to go out--to maintain an image of what I had formerly been--and it just became exhausting. There is a time and place for everything, of course. I still have a great time and I know how to party appropriately. But I find myself changed.

As for the party scene, and going out? I just find it overrated.

How do you feel? Are you still in your party stage and find your friends changing? Are you a reformed party girl?? Discuss in the comment section below! 

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