Cute Doggie Pics + Hoo-Rag Giveaway Winner!

It's Saturday, which if you ask me is cause for celebration. I love Saturdays. It's the day I allow myself to sleep in and read and lounge around. Today is extra special because I am also announcing my Hoo-Rag giveaway winner!!!

I thought we could commemorate this moment with some cute dog pictures. By now, you all likely know about my lovely little dachshund, Oscar. He's a real sweetheart. I also have two other "fur babies" who are both Border Collies. They are smart as whips, those two. Can't sneak anything past, 'em!

This little trio of mine is a great source of love and entertainment. So I hope you enjoy some fun doggie pictures of them....and at the bottom of the post is the winner of the giveaway!

Happy Saturday y'all!!!

This is Ollie, my male Border Collie with his daddy. He's sticking his tongue out 'cause he's sassy like that! 

This is Bre, my female Border. She's giving me her best "Can we go out now?" face. She's all about playing and heading outdoors. 

This is me and my boys. They are great cuddlers, what can I say? They are great. 

And the winner of the Hoo-Rag giveaway is.........


Congrats Kat! Thanks for following my blog and I hope you enjoy your Hoo-Rag!!! 

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