BIW Versus BFF Paraphernalia

Seriously. No, seriously. Why in the world do I keep seeing BFF themed crap on blogs and otherwise serious sites everywhere? Do women actually give each other these things or am I just reading really juvenile online publications? Or is it just that it's Tuesday... I never could get the hang of Tuesday.

Blues day. 

This got me thinking seriously about the subject of "besties." In high school you have "a" best friend, but in real life (as in adult life) you end up having several. At least, that is what I have found. I have like a best friend super hero team. I have my artsy best friend, my go with the flow best friend, and the "oh no she didn't" bestie. They all serve a purpose--they all have totally different personalities--and they each give me some vital life force in the friendship department.

I would never give any of them best friend themed necklaces because, frankly, I know them better than that, as a best friend should. Best friend necklaces are just the type of mass marketed crap I can't stand. And I don't understand. It takes the personality out of a gift soooo fast. It's like saying "nothing says I got your back like a necklace set of two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter and one with jelly." Sure.

Maybe I've had it with the mass marketing that surrounds us all the time...because we are individuals and that's important. Or maybe it's that gifts that declare to the world "this is MY friend, not yours" are just sort of exclusionary and I don't like that. So the next time you are considering a bestie gift, perhaps go for something that says more about what you like about a person rather than a declaration to the world that you two are weirdly attached at the hip.

Do you disagree with me? Love bestie necklaces and other themed crap? Please, let me know about it in the comments section below! 

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  1. I totally agree with you girl, giving your best friend a necklace or trinket is most def middle school stuff. We are grown a** women & have a lot of best friends that fill our lives in different ways. I think it is better to have a variety of girls to help you out in every aspect of life!