BIW In Scotland [Part One]

I've been in Scotland for several days now, so I wanted to share with everyone some of the things I have seen and done. Right off the bat, I would like to tell you all that Scotland is an amazing place. The air is crisp and the Scottish people are amazing! Contrary to popular belief, the food here is GREAT!

Here's a couple of the places I have visited so far! I hope you enjoy the pictures and all my [very creative] captions.

The West End 
Glasgow {pronounced "Glaz-GO"}


It's efficient and very well run. It was a pleasure to ride. Did you know that it goes in a circle? This made me feel better because I knew I couldn't really get too lost. Also? It's the third oldest [running] tube in the world, which is really neat. 

First stop!-- The Kelvingrove Art Museum and Gallery in the West End of Glasgow

[This was where we took the tube to!]

This was a particularly inspiring installation of heads. Emotional heads. 

William Wallace. Guys, I will be honest, I had to resist yelling "FREEEEEEEEDOM!" But I didn't think anyone would have had the appreciation I would have at the time. 

This was my FAVORITE painting of the day. She's a Russian ballerina, but I just love the carefree air about her. 

We got to see an organ concert too! They have one everyday at the museum, and it can be anyone from students to professionals.  "This guy" played some awesome tunes from The Beatles to Adele. And he also turned around after each song and gave a cute and sheepish wave. It was really endearing, and it made me giggle. 

Next we headed to Brew Dog across the street for a bite to eat. 

We ate amazing pea, ham, and mint soup and a big old crusty roll. It was the the perfect accompaniment to our Connect Four! 

I lost.... Jenn was champion. 
Let's pretend this never happened. 

Then we went to the university. You might better know this place as "Hogwarts." 

That's right. This is where THE Harry Potter was filmed. It was cool and very architectural. What you might not know is that this is also a museum called the Huntarian Museum, and it displays a lot of oddities, like deer with two heads and testicles injected with mercury... 

....and Butterflies and bugs and stuff. 

[Loch Lomond]

Balloch is about 35 minutes from Glasgow and it's a quaint town with a big park and lots of greenery. 

This was a cute little pub we had a quick drink in. 

This was the view from the park. Pretty swanky right?!?!? 

This is where fairies live. (Obviously) 

There were several huge trees in the park, but there was one in particular where everyone leaves their initials. This was my favorite set because it seems like the bottom set of initials says "BC" which are my initials, and the top set says "LB" which are my sister in law's initials. We belong together. 

At the top of the hill was this beautiful castle! It's a small one, but it's a castle nonetheless. I'm just sayin', I'd totally live there. 

This door, well, who knows where it leads. But here is the story I made up about it: 
They throw the prisoners in the dungeon through this door. 

After our adventure we got a bit of wine and hopped back on the train for Glasgow. 
Yes, you can openly drink on the trains. Europe rocks. 


  1. you were literally a block from my old flat on the west end. I have some funny stories from my loch lomond trip too.

    these pics bring back some serious memories.

    don't leave without hitting a kebab stand.

    1. I love Scotland! I can see why you fell in love with her! Loch Lomond was a great little town and the university--I mean, impressive! !! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Wonderful pictures and adventures. And u know how i feel about those butterflies

    1. Thanks! And yes, I remember you are freaked out by those butterflies under the glass!