Things I Learned Spending A Vacation Without My Husband

Jenn being all cute at the castle in Edinburgh and me being
really silly and striking a "FREEEEDOM" pose. [I'm hold-
ing a fake bow and arrow, by the way!] 
Spending a week abroad and away from my husband was a nervous proposition for me. Sure, I knew it would be really fun bashing about the UK with my two girlfriends, but I also wondered if it meant something deeper....were we becoming one of those couples who no longer vacationed together?? Was I being a bad wife by taking this trip by myself?!?!

For some the answers to this might seem obvious (no, and NO!) but I had them in the back of my head anyway. In the end, though, there were several things I learned while spending a vacation abroad without my husband.

When you're alone, you grow
Taking a little time to focus on myself gave me a little growing space. I came back with a renewed sense of confidence and self. I also was able to just do what I wanted and not really take into consideration the types of things you might when you are with your romantic partner. That allowed me to think "what do I want" instead of "what might we both like?" I feel really solid in myself.

The heart does grow fonder 
You know the saying, and it is so true. The going away makes the coming home sweeter. I had time to think about all the things I missed about my husband, and so coming home was such joyful experience, especially coming home to him.

I missed someone making my coffee
I didn't have coffee the whole time I was in Europe because, simply, there was no one to make it for me. My husband often brings me coffee in bed and without him there, I just wasn't in the mood for coffee. This might seem silly, but people become accustomed to routines and I just didn't care all that much about the coffee to make it myself. So I went without.

We are just as dorky as other couples
Spending a week with my girlfriends, we naturally spent a ton of time giggling about our significant others (we are all in relationships). One thing that stuck out is that couples get cheesy with each other, do silly things, make silly love, and have their little inside jokes. I felt in good company in this way.

There is no replacement for your girls! 
My husband rocks, but there is just something about close girlfriends that is a life force. I laugh differently with my girlfriends and feel able to talk freely about all the little gushy girlie details. Besides, who else can you talk into tea parties if not your girlfriends?

"There is no place like home"
You said it, Dorothy! I love to travel, but there is just no place like home and when I was away and then home again, I had a deeper appreciation for being here. I love love love my home! And after all the fun I've had abroad, I'm glad to be back. 

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