Quick Fix: Kitchen Organization!

I have been on a little bender lately to organize my life. Something about the New Year always makes me want to put things in boxes and make sure they are organized. I did this on a large scale last year when I organized the entire attic with the help of my husband. This year, I was ready to tackle the kitchen.

My kitchen, as you might imagine, is sort of like my home office. It's where the magic happens. So the fact that it had been pretty unorganized was getting to me. Like, a lot. The drawers were junky. I was always searching through them to find what I needed, and it was stupid.

So, I took my mission to get these drawers in order to HomeGoods. For less than $20, I was able to pick up all the items I needed to get organized! I figured that giving you all a peak in my drawers might help and motivate you--or at least fascinate you...whichever works, right?!?!

These Tervis Tumbler lids were getting out of control. So I had to organize them. This drawer was a mess before and people were always asking me, "Where is your wine key?" And I would tell them the drawer, but then would end up searching endlessly through it to no avail. Now all the wine keys (turns out I have 3 or 4) are in one convenient location. 

The silverware drawer. It has a way of eating things, doesn't it?? I added the green organizer to the far right this year, and now I can find things EVEN better than before. That makes me happy. I also used a ziploc bag to hold all my cheese knives in one place. 

This drawer is a weird drawer. It's where I keep chopsticks, crab mallets, and measuring cups. Also, my  miscellaneous items. As you can imagine, before this was organized, I had mallets and chopsticks floating all over the drawer, and now that has changed. I can actually locate items in this drawer now. 

This would be the proverbial "junk drawer." Moist towelettes, matches, gum, Energen-C, sharpies--you name it. This was my biggest accomplishment of the organize. 
No longer junkie, I can find my sharpies for writing on the calendar, my coupons as well as my matches.  

My heart feels lighter. And guess what--cleaning out all these drawers and getting them into shape took me less than an hour. Impressive, right!?

So tell me, what are some of your best tips for organizing your drawers or other spaces in your home? Leave you tips and tricks for others to take advantage of in the comments section below! 

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