8 Easy Breakfast Items

By now you all know about my breakfast issues. I am trying very hard to overcome these issues and be more of a "breakfast person," but it hasn't been easy, but I got a lot of great suggestions from my readers which is helping. Let's just say that sometimes I am eating breakfast at 11am still, and that should really stop. Nonetheless, I am trying, and some progress is better than none, am I right?

In my search for my "breakfast attitude," I have been trying a ton of breakfast foods, some more effective than others. For those of you out there, like me, who shake your fists at the breakfast gods and wonder why you aren't wired for the first meal of the day, well, I thought I would share my list with you in an effort to motivate or at least interest you.

These are 8 easy breakfast items I have tried--as always, they are in no particular order. It is also worth mentioning that variety could be a legitimate way to succeed in the breakfast department. Having lots of easy options makes ignoring breakfast a little harder, at least in my own experience.

#8- Instant Oatmeal
Variety pack, baby! Combining four flavors in a variety pack is a good thing because I would totally burn out on one flavor in no time. This is a great pre-workout breakfast because I just don't like to do dairy before a heavy workout. Also, they look great displayed in this mini-shopping cart, don't you think?

#7- Breakstone's Cottage Cheese 
This is one that I can always assure my husband won't eat, so that is always a plus. And it's pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of sweet foods, so this walks the line pretty nicely for me. Plus, it's light and filling enough.

#6- Hardboiled eggs 
This is a good one for me. Grab an egg, peel that sucker, sprinkle salt and pepper, eat. That, and it's savory, so that works in my favor as well. Make a batch in the beginning of the week and grab and go with your hard-boiled self. I also find these make a nice snack.

#5- Jam & Bread 
Sometimes you just need a piece of toast, and toast is the perfect carrier for my homemade jam, so I can't complain. Fast and warm, but easy to down even if you aren't that hungry, I also find this goes great with a cup of extra creamy coffee. Only bad part? Bread is just not that filling.

#4- Granola Fruit & Nut bar
I love these ones that are basically all fruit and nut and no granola. It says right on the package "not a granola bar" but for the life of me, I can't seem to want to call it anything else. Also good before a work out for their protein content as well as being the quintessential on-the-go breakfast. You can generally find one in my purse.

#3- You won't believe this, BUT Greek Yogurt 
I know. I've had some serious yogurt issues in the past, but when paired with fruit or honey in those little packages, they aren't all that bad. Who would have thought??? Me and Greek yogurt have finally reached an amicable place where we no longer hate one another. It's a beautiful thing.

#2- Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest Cereal 
I am not a huge cereal fan, like, at all. But this cereal is pretty good. I don't drink cow's milk (because I am not a baby cow) but I like it with some almond milk. If I am in a "really breakfasty" mood, then this is one of the items I will reach for. It doesn't happen often. My cereal is older than I willing to admit.

#1- This other funny yogurt that looks German
The packaging is what got me, truly. This should not be a surprise because I am really susceptible to good marketing and I'm not afraid to admit it. And also it has these little malted milk ball thingys in it--so it could totally double for dessert. I figured, eh, what the hey, let's give these suckers a try. If I am making peace with Greek yogurt, why not regular yogurt? It's pretty good--It's called "Muller." Here's a link. 

So tell me, are you joining me in the breakfast challenge, or are you just a natural when it comes to the first meal!??! Share in the comments section below. 

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