Re-lining Your Cabinets

This totally matches my color scheme and is so chic, right?!
I am almost embarrassed to show a picture of my old shelf lining. Almost. But I feel that I have to brave; you know, in the name of fearless blogging and such. I actually wasn't planning on re-lining my shelves at all, but around Christmastime when I found some Laura Ashley cabinet liner on sale at Marshall's I just couldn't resist.

I relined my cabinets for an astounding.....wait for it.... $4!!! That makes me really happy. Cheap = happy me! Now, I love opening my cabinets.

At first my husband was like, "Why are you doing this? The liner is fine." I knew he was wrong, but I tried not to be all like, "You are so wrong!" Instead, I said to him, "You are gonna love this liner, babe!" He acted all like "whatever" about it for an astounding five hours, and then I caught him telling the dog, "Mommy's liner looks good!"

You're welcome.

Oh. My God. 

I want to take a moment to convey my embarrassment regarding this picture. And I would like to request sympathy points for being brave enough to share it. Also, I would like to pretend you never saw this, okay? It's alarming. 

I cleaned it, of course, but given the fact that it was installed sometime in the 80's does not bode well. It was totally time to update these shelves. 

The grid on the liner makes it easy to measure and fit. 

Now, I can suggest that you use smaller pieces than I did at first because it led to some unnecessary cursing and, when all else failed, called my husband into the room. I said, "Baaaaaaabe, I need help. I can't do it." I was getting frustrated. He helped and then I cut smaller pieces so I could carry on by myself. 

AND, I also peeled it back a little at a time after that, too. It was a ton easier after that. 

Check out that awesome liner!!! 

I am in love and swooning.

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