Nothing gets me going like a little free love. Since I love you all so very much, I want to share my love with you--my readers! You guys are what make my writer's heart smile because without the people who read my blog, well, I would be talking to myself. Even so, I talk to myself a lot more than I should.

But back to the task at hand: I've got something for you and it's FREE! It's some free love--that is, A Moment With Each of My Lovers is available FOR FREE on Amazon today and tomorrow! That's right--FREE!

So if you have been putting off reading my book because you've been busy, lazy, or you just downright forgot, here is your big chance to scoop it up for NOTHING!

The book is the steamy true story of my life--in lovers. I am spending a little time recounting the tales of love that got me from high school to marriage--and everywhere in between.

Meet my lovers one by one and prepare yourself to get a dose of sexy with a side of humor.

I hold nothing back from my very first time (in a most interesting place) to sleeping with a military man who had a little something he was keeping secret to meeting my husband. Just when you think the story has taken a turn for the expected--look out! I'm going THERE.

Some of the people who read my book [so far] have shared with me that they loved the way it brought back memories of their own lovers, or silly situations they found themselves in sexually. Another told me, "We were all thinking it, but you just actually said it!" What will you find when you spend a moment with my lovers?

If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, or the Bared to You series, then you will love the truth and hilarity in A Moment With Each of My Lovers! Get it FOR FREE. There is literally no reason not to!

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  1. I. Read it !!! Made me laugh and think of my own exploits