BIW in Scotland [Part Two]

Well, I have been bashing about Scotland and having a grand old time. You already know about my museum/university adventures in the West End, as well as my trip to Balloch (Loch Lomond). If you missed it, you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

Since then, I have also gone to Edinburgh where I saw the castle and we had more West End adventures which included my first ever taste of pho (which was amazing!!!)


Grey skies in Scotland--but this is actually a really nice day in Scotland...see the peeks of sunshine? 

This is near the memorial in Edinburgh. It's my attempt at being artistic. What do you think? 

This is the memorial. It's a  beautiful piece of architecture. You can climb the steps of this monster, which I was not about to do. Bossy Italian Wife is afraid of heights. It's true. I just feel more comfortable with the ground beneath my feet. My friends climbed it, and they were quite winded. They said I should be glad I didn't climb it (and I was!) 

This is a quaint home area on the Royal Mile which leads to the castle in Edinburgh. So cute, right?! 

There she blows! The big one. I had a small Braveheart moment here. Again, you'll all be proud, I resisted yelling FREEEEDOM! (It was hard.) 

Imagine this torch burning bright in days of kings and queens and clans. It was like I could feel the history seeping through the stones of the castle. I loved it. 

Here is, the man, William Wallace. He yells, he smells, he raises money for children's cancer, which is awesome. Even more awesome? He flashed his arse to the crowd. It had a tattoo and was pretty svelt if I do say so myself. It's true what they say about men in kilts; they don't wear undies! 

A REAL phone booth. And it's red. So cool, right?! Yea, Jenn's calling a bloke. Maybe it's William Wallace. 

More West End + Shopping & Stuff

This is the lighthouse. Lots. Of. Steps. And actually, this isn't in the West End. It's in Merchant City. 

We decided that we didn't want to walk them...but I got this great picture. 

Then we got on the tube and hopped to the West End. 

Look at this cool little vendor with his tea cups. I found exactly 457 tea cups I wanted to bring home. Alas, I didn't get any because I couldn't figure out to get them all home. I'll be back for them, though. I'll be back. 

I come all the way to Scotland and what?! Seriously? Die Hard. There are no words. 

I loved this little cobblestone marketplace. Even if I rolled my ankle twice walking on these uneven cobblestones. And also? I saw another woman trip on the cobblestones and she turned and gave the stones an awfully cross look. It was the stones fault--we all knew it. 

After the little market area, we hit up some antique and second hand shops. We found this doll house. Quaint. 

In this store, I found tea spoons. I haven't seen them in America, but they are everywhere here. I love tea SO much and I am really excited about my tea spoons. 

Dinner time was the Hanoi Bike Shop and it was my first pho experience. Pho real. 

See that little spoon of chili sauce? It's hot as heck! I nearly fell off my chair. 

MY PHO. When I ordered it, I said, "Mo Pho!" And the waiter laughed. 
It was amazing! Pho and I are in love now. It's basically all the best parts of Vietnamese food put in a soupy warm soup glove. 

And that was [mostly] my trip to Scotland! 
I have one more special post coming up and I also have a very Scottish giveaway coming up. 

But first, I have to make my way home! So be on the lookout and stay tuned for more Bossy Italian Wife in Scotland, coming up in the next week or so!