Sexual Meditation

Since the New Year began (and since I read The Willpower Instinct) I have been meditating. Right off the bat, I noticed a couple of perks to meditation, and one was that I ate less, which I found really interesting. Besides that, though, I also noticed how hard it was to clear my mind. Of course, every time my thoughts started wandering, I came back to my breathing.

During a recent meditation session, my thoughts started to wander to...what do you know... SEX. I began thinking about how sex sort of gave me the same feeling as meditation. Then I *quickly* went back to think about my breathing because I was supposed to be meditating, not thinking about sex. [Such a dirty mind I have!]

Once I was done meditating, I immediately went back to thinking about sex and my feelings about the two being similar. While sex can also be completely exhausting, it can also be quite cleansing for the mind. I find that when I am having sex I sort of "clear out" everything else that is going on. Sure, sometimes my mind wanders a bit, but then I come right back to what I am doing, just like I do in meditation.

When I am feeling the physical pleasure of sex, I am generally just concentrated on the physical aspects of what I am doing. Because sex comes naturally, I am not trying to think of what I might have to do next...I am [mostly] fully able to be present in the moment. Being present in the moment is basically what meditation is all about right?

After I meditate, I have a pretty calm feeling. I feel ready to take on whatever else I know my day is bringing and my mind is more quiet. I find it's the same way after sex: I am feeling like I've cleared my mind, I am present and ready for whatever comes next. In a way, many people may be using sex as a sort of meditation without even knowing it.

Naturally, after having this dawn on me, I had to look it up. Guess what? My inclincation is actually supported by science. READ ABOUT IT BY CLICKING HERE. Brains experience orgasms and meditation in virtually the same ways by letting you release a sense of self.

 Ah-ha moment if I ever had one, people. 

(This might also explain how monks who meditate a lot and take a vow of celibacy are able to survive without feeling like they are totally frustrated.)

If you find sex relaxing--you are not alone. And also, if you like sex, you might try a little meditation because, incidentally, they are both meditative and great for your brain. So tell me, do you meditate or find sex calming to your brain?!?! Share with me in the comments sections below your thoughts on sex and meditation.... (don't be shy!)


  1. Wonderful, thank you!!! I would sooooooooooooo prefer to be having sex than to be meditating. I am not doing a whole lot of either. sigh. I totally "check out" (in a REALLY good way) during the dirty deed and totally relate to that spring in the step and total focus that follows. Thank you so much for sharing, and if it weren't so late in the evening for me I would share more (my 4 year old know) xox Laura

    1. Haha! Yes, some will prefer one over another. I try to be consistent with both, but I am not going to lie, sometimes it can be hard to concentrate when I am meditating!