Tea for Three

I am a tea fanatic. I just love the stuff. I have quite a collection in my cabinet of different teas from red tea to green tea to "love" tea (chamomile, lavender and rose) to orange tea and peppermint tea. I also love tea parties. I have had a few of them this year so far, and one of my favorites was with my small friend Anna. 

So, when I went to see my sister-in-law in the UK, a tea party was on the top of my list of things to do. Lucky for me, my sister-in-law and my girlfriend Jenn were both down for an official tea party experience and we headed to one of the swankiest tea rooms in Glasgow, The Willow Tea Rooms. Willow Tea Rooms are famous because they were crafted with Mackintosh's design (he did all kinds of glass, furniture and architecture all over Glasgow!) 

It was my first "official" tea party, and I was pretty excited. Because I love learning about things I love and also because I have watched a TON of Downton Abbey and seen their tea times, which, look so pretty and fun! 

Here was my tea set up. Just this was enough to get me sufficiently excited, and my tea hadn't even come yet!!! 

In case you aren't as into tea (or just don't watch Downton Abbey as obsessively as I do) the thing on top of the cup catches the loose tea leaves as the tea is poured into the cup and the little metal dish to the side is for setting the piece when you are drinking the tea. 

This was our tea fare! Check out this triple decker! 

From the top: Scones and cream and there is jam there too
Second Tier: Desserts! That weird shaped pie is a pineapple dessert that was so sweet I couldn't quite stomach. The other is a carrot cake and then there was a toffee apple pie which was the best one. 
Bottom level: tea sandwiches! Salmon and cream cheese, beef and mustard, cucumber and egg salad. 

My tea came! It was peppermint. I drank peppermint tea everyday I was in Scotland because I found it to be so soothing and yummy with lunch! 

My scone. I ate so much of this double cream (which is also called Devonshire cream) that it should have been illegal. It was awesome. Very light and creamy! 

So you can see my tea (and how this works). 

We ate downstairs because this room wasn't open yet, but this is the famous Chinese tea room, and it's beautiful so I had to snap a shot!! 

So, tell me, are you as obsessed with tea parties as I am? What's your favorite type of tea??? Share in the comments section below! 


  1. That was a great post:) The pictures make me want to have a tea party!!

  2. Looks amazing. I love tea too, and dig a few varieties, brewing loose leaf when I can. Favorites include: green tea (I have a loose-leaf Sencha I pick up at an Asian Market in Salisbury), fermented dark Pu-Erh tea is very good and earthy (also from Asian market), and Tazo makes a lemon ginger tea that's quite refreshing, and has a nice bite from the ginger.

    1. Wow! You really know your tea Justin! I am impressed and curious about your loss leaf Sencha!

  3. I like really fruity teas, usually. But I've got a Minty Green tea that I absolutely LOVE to have after dinner!

    1. Mint tea is my favorite after meal tea--I so agree with you! And I'm more and more into fruit teas all the time... loving the Roobis Red.

  4. I love all tea but chai has a special place in my heart. Have you tried mate tea yet?

    There is a tea parlor in Milford, DE that is fun. :)

    1. Hold the phone! There is a tea parlor in Milford?! This is super exciting to me. Thanks for telling me!!!! I also love chai tea--it has to be my favorite black tea. I like mine with tons of cream :P

  5. Wow. This tea party looks so awesome!
    I am a huge tea fanatic myself and I'm drinking my morning tea as I am reading this haha. I don't think I ever tried a tea I didn't like really. I love Earl Gray and Chai, green tea with jasmine, also a combination of fruit and grean tea like Lipton makes such as Dragonfruit and Coconut or Passionfruit and Watermelon. Those are my favorites after a meal.
    Anyways, the food spread is so cool. I'm truly inspired and I'm gonna have a tea party this weekend :)