Bossy Italian Wife Takes Scotland!

Image from My Modern 
Some of you might know that I have a sister-in-law living abroad in Scotland. She took a job there some time ago, and has been living in Glasgow. Part of her work package for the year in Scotland included a couple of round-trip flights. What do you know? She didn't use them both.

So...she gave me a golden ticket to come and visit her in the land of Scots! I feel like I won the lottery--I am super stoked to get my butt across the pond.

Next week, I am embarking on a Scottish journey of epic proportions! Incidentally, I am even more excited about visiting Scotland ever since I found out that was where the sweater-wearing ponies came from. I guess their hunch on using them for marketing totally worked on me. Perhaps I will even search for then on my journey. Don't worry--I'm not gonna leave you hanging. I've got a bunch of GREAT blogs lined up for you guys while I am away. In fact, many of you might not even notice that I am gone because it'll be like I am virtually here.

The good news in all of this besides the inevitable is that in the next couple of weeks, I am gonna be hitting you with my Bossy Italian Travels in Scotland! I hope that some of you are as excited about my trip as I am. I'm gonna eat my way through Glasgow with the help of my sister-in-law and my friend, Jenn, who is coming along with me!

Our main goal while we are in Scotland is to see a lot of castles and have a lot of tea parties! We take off on Tuesday, so wish us safe travels, and stay tuned to Bossy Italian Wife to see my adventures in Scotland in the near future!!!

In honor of my departure, I want you to tell me: where is a place you would like to visit? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?! Leave it in the comments section below! 


  1. Have fun! I want to visit New Zealand. Someday... :) -Kelly H.

    1. New Zealand is definitely on my list too, Kelly!!! It seems like a beautiful place!!!

  2. Scotland with Laura was AMAAAAAZING even though I was only there for a long weekend. You two will have a BLAST! Have fun!

    I want to visit Barcelona soooooo badly.

    -Krissie J