I'm Just More Sexual Than Sensual

I was reading about myself in one of those birthday books that my friend had. I love to do that sort of thing. I'm into horoscopes and Chinese zodiacs and Saturn Returns and all that jazz. It's not a serious hobby, but it is an interest. So anyway, I was reading in the book and it said that people born on my day are "more sexual than sensual." Bingo!

It is totally, totally true. While I can sure put on a ruse and dress up sexy (which I do), I am totally more sexual than I am sensual. To be honest, I never really realized it until the moment I read in the book; I was just sort of plodding along and being that way without the knowledge of it.

First, in case you might be wondering just what it means, let's take a moment to discuss. Sensuality has to do with the senses that one experiences surrounding a sexual experience. That's like, a textbooky definition. Sensuality in reference to sex deals with the senses--what someone smells like, what they are wearing, and taking in all those aspects. Of course, sensuality doesn't have to be exclusively boxed into the sexual arena....

You can live life sensually...meaning you take it all in as a sensory experience--it's a way of life sort of thing.

When it comes to sex, though, which is what we are discussing here, I am not really the sensual type. I don't care if we have music, or outfits, or if the setting is perfect. I don't need frills. I can skip right to the carnal sexual aspects of the experience and be totally and utterly cool with that. More than cool--I absolutely love it. That's not to say I'm not sexy while doing these things...I'm just not all like, "Oh baby make it pretty for me." I'm more like, "Yea, pull my hair--you like that don't you!?!"

It's just how I roll.

On the other hand... and there always is an other hand. Knowing that not innately sensual comes with a certain advantage. Because if I don't approach life that way, and I realize it, I can make a bigger effort to try and do it more often. For instance, sometimes I have trouble living in the moment. So, if I know that I have trouble with sensuality and taking the sensory experiences of things, I can slow down and try to notice things I little more. It's helpful.

There is absolutely nothing wrong to being one way or the other--I embrace the fact that I am just more sexual than sensual. It makes up a part of who I am, and I am proud of that. But knowing, as I always say, is half the battle. So incorporating a little sensuality, both in and out of the bedroom, can be a good, calming experience for a person like me.

So what about you?? Do you see yourself as more sexual or sensual? How do you think knowing might change the way you do things? Let's discuss in the comments section below! 

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