Be My Friend: Rachel Ray

Back in 2005 when I had hair that was shoulder length, I was working in a restaurant and people would constantly comment to me that I looked like Rachael Ray. I was a Rachel Ray fan back then, and I am now, too. She's obviously incredibly cool and high energy...and every time my husband and I see her show, we think that we would be great friends with Rachel.

Rachel Ray and I have a lot in common, and it goes way beyond the fact that we are both pint-sized balls of high energy who love to cook. But that is always a good place to start. Rachel Ray basically helped me learn to cook because she was such a household name when I was asking for cookbooks for holidays to bone up on my wifey skills (such as cooking.)

Also, Rachel Ray and I are into American made products, one such being the Waring Pro Blender. There are a lot of people who think that Vitamix or KitchenAid blenders are the way to go, but I love products made in the USA, and that is just one of the reasons we chose Waring. Also, it is an all glass blender, which is, in my opinion, superior to its plastic counterparts.

Another point of interest that we share? Vinyl records. Apparently she is very into vinyl, and you know what? So are we! I think she would really love my husband's breadth of knowledge concerning vinyl and his audiophile ways... our house is wired to impress in the sound department, and he has it so that it minimizes the vibration coming off the speakers.

I have this great idea that we could listen to vinyl while she teaches me how to cook one of her many dishes. And I think she would dig my kitchen style, too, which is eerily close to her own set. It wasn't until my husband was flipping through the channels and caught her set on TV that we realized they were similar, but heck, it's great to know that I'm in the ballpark of television kitchen styles...

So be my friend, Rachel Ray. I know you are busy, but we can work it out. We should do some cooking segments together and create television magic. I think we could be like cooking version of Oprah and Gale... (obviously you would be Oprah because you already have notoriety.)

Love Your New Bestie,

Bossy Italian Wife

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  1. Does rachel also refer to "in my mom's kitchen" lol.