Things That Grow In My Yard: PEARS!

I have a pear tree... I keep looking for partridges in it, but so far, no luck. What IS in it right now, though, are lovely pears that are good enough to eat. For years I suppose I have been overlooking this tree and literally paying it no mind. If I am being perfectly honest, I probably thought it was a little annoying because there was pears on the ground where I was trying to walk.

But this year, something between the pear tree and I has changed. I think that is mostly because it's canning season and when I am looking at food these days, I am mostly seeing what I can can. (hehe. can can.) So this year, when I noticed those pears, it was like I was looking at them for the first time: as canned pears!!!

So far this year, I have already canned peaches (several ways), peach juice, bruschetta, tomatoes (about 75+ cans), blueberry jam, strawberry jam, and pickled peppers. We are really on a roll. So up this week? Pears! And boy we had big plans for the pears on that pear tree...

We took full advantage of those free pears and got 'em drunk on rum and then we canned them. Now I have a lovely stash of drunken pears canned on my shelf and ready to be made into cakes, coffee cakes, muffins, ice cream toppers, and more.

Maybe if we are feeling frisky, we'll also get to pear juice in the next round of canning from my tree.

So tell me, what goodies have  you got growing in your yard outside of the normal garden? Have you always noticed them or are you taking note for the first time, like me??? 

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