I Found Love... On The Internet

I know what you are thinking... "you and Daren met on the Internet?!" No! We didn't. And it's not what you think. The love I found on the Internet has to do with television episodes, actually. You see, for the past eight years that I have been living at my awesomely cool farmhouse, we haven't had the internet.

At first we started out with dial up. That was back when most people had dial-up anyway, so it didn't matter much... then people started telling us myths about this awesome new Internet that came via cable. Living where we are, though, cable isn't an option, so neither was the Internet. And that was how it continued for many years. When we had nearly lost all hope of ever getting Internet access, when a breakthrough happened.

Verizon came out with the "air card" that enabled us to send emails, upload pictures and generally enjoy the benefits of the Internet outside of streaming live videos and anything of the like. Still, the air card was a boost for my work life, to say the least. (You have no idea how hard it is to maintain a blog and send anything over the Internet without the "real" Internet.)

Anyway, this year we FINALLY got the real Internet. Like, cable Internet. And since then, I have fallen in love hardcore with all the amenities... but my favorite, my very favorite, is Hulu. It is a revelation!!! You can watch all these great shows... shows that people have been telling me about for years are finally at my fingertips just waiting to be watched. Shows like Modern Family and Once Upon a Time. They come through my Apple TV right to my television!! Oh. My. God!

I have been totally cracking out on Downton Abbey as well. Seriously, I want a manor, preferably in the English countryside! I am thinking of canceling the television service, I am so in love with all the great stuff I can watch on the Internet through sites like Hulu, Netflix, and on my Apple TV. I have found love--true love--on the Internet. And I am soooo happy. 

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