Bit By The Baking Bug

Some morning you wake up and you just want to bake. Well, at least that is what happened to me. I cook a lot for the blog and so sometimes it's a treat just to cook for myself. I was feeling like bread. Quick breads are so nice to make, don't you agree?

So with the house to myself, I put on a movie from NetFlix and I began to bake. I started with a banana bread recipe, but I didn't have enough bananas so I decided to go with a banana-zucchini bread hybrid. It was a baking risk which is normally not how I roll, so suffice it to say I was feeling ballsy. Ballsy with a spatula.

Next I came across this great recipe for a lemon bread. As I was reading it, I saw that it could easily converted into a lemon-poppy seed bread, and when I discovered I actually had poppy seeds, well, all bets were off and the lemon-poppy seed bread was on. Once I had completed both breads, I was basically functioning on a bread baking high. This is an unusual feeling for me because generally I am into baking savory dishes... if I am baking at all, that is.

I was going to stop at the breads, but as my high starting kicking in from the smell of the sweet breads I was thumbing casually through the cookbook and I spotted this recipe for a fruit-stuffed coffee cake. The next thing I knew, my hands were baking before I could even think of it! And like magic, I had a coffee cake rising it's way to fruit centered heaven.

Had I not had to go to a birthday party later in the afternoon, I would have probably just kept baking. But I had to go... of course, only after having sampled a piece of each baked good I made. They were all great. All things considered, I take this as a good omen. Baking and I are really starting to get on well together... I mean, three recipes in one day and not even ONE kitchen disaster; that has got to be some kind of personal best I'd say because I have an uncanny knack for screwing up anything containing sugar that is placed in the oven.

Certainly it was a good dress rehearsal for the fall and winter seasons!!! I have a feeling this fall and winter are going to be pretty fantastic for baked goods... look out!

So tell me, what's your favorite sweet treat to bake?!?!

It was a sweet lunch, to say the least!!!! 

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