Everyone Should Marry My Sister In Law

I have never considered myself much of a matchmaker, and you know, maybe I shouldn't. It's just that ever since my sister in law became single again I can't help myself... I keep trying to hook her up with every bachelor I know. It's definitely starting to annoy her, so I have to put a lid on it, but before I do, I just had to get it off my chest: my sister in law is the most eligible bachelorette I know!

Not only is she an awesome person, but she has a great job, can really hang at a party, and is very loyal. See? I just can't help but gush about how awesome she is and this why I feel like she needs to find her perfect match!

Because she has so many good qualities, I guess it's only natural that I should want to hook her up, right? The problem is that I am less than smooth. I basically say, "Hey Sarah, that guy's nice, you should marry him!" Get a couple drinks in me, and well, I kick it into high gear... and that is no good. No one ever heard of a bossy, Italian matchmaker, after all!!!

I suppose another reason that eligible single gals get us married people all excited is because we like to live vicariously through them. I am no exception. I love the fact that my sister in law is back out there and dating-- it gives me a chance to hear all the juicy details of her dates--good and bad! I want to know who is naught and who is nice and who took her out for the best date. I want all the fun girlfriend chatty stuff that comes along with dating (especially since I am not participating) and of course, I want to be there to jump up and down and scream like a girlie girl when she does find her man.

But even I can admit that I do need to butt out... otherwise I may chase away Mr. Right, and I don't want to make it weird for my sister in law, either. My other sister in law is also newly single...but I haven't had a chance to lay into her yet because she is living in Scotland (lucky for her!)

Either way, I can't stop myself from thinking that everyone should in fact want to marry my sister in law. I mean, she is a real catch, and I can't help but love her! I know I can't be alone in this whole overzealous "you wanna marry my awesome sister in law" stuff... right?!

So are you married? Are you attached and you have a single gal-friend or guy-friend you keep trying to hook up? Are you the subject of the hook-up-to-be? Share your story in the comments section below. 

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  1. I agree, your "unnamed" sister in-law is a catch! I don't blame you ;)