What The Boys Remember

Do you ever wonder what the boys were thinking in high school? Or now for that matter? I know I cannot be alone in this. The truth is, in high school I was teased a lot by "the boys." I know. It's crazy that anyone would ever tease Bossy Italian Wife... but maybe I was easy to get. Short fuse.

I was called slutty and/or I was teased by them because maybe they wanted into my pants or something. But a recent reunion with an old high school friend of mine gave me unusual insight into what the boys were thinking... or moreover what they remember about me.

It all started very innocently...with a text message from the friend I was hanging out with to another chum, saying he was hanging out with me. We hadn't seen each other in nine years, so I have to admit it was noteworthy (or blog worthy, as it were). The guy texted back that he remembered me--as his first crush....in the fourth grade! This sounds weird, but I was completely excited about it mostly because I thought only women remembered those strange details.

Apparently we are not. And I feel that this story warrants elaboration mostly because it's genuinely cute. This man in question, let's call him Jason Biggs, and I shared said fourth grade crush. And it was Valentine's Day. Well, Jason Biggs had in store for me the most romantic moment of my young life.... and he actually bought me my first-ever bonafide box of chocolates. This box of chocolates was not like any other box of chocolates, which is why I remember it so well.

It was made of a light pink cotton which was glued onto the box in a very intricate manner. It came to the middle and had a pink rose in the middle. Plus, it was huge. I'm talking candy-coma huge. There were enough pieces of chocolate to keep me in candy for at least three weeks. I took my box of chocolates from Jason Biggs and I was the happiest gal in the fourth grade... that was, until I met his mother on the sidewalk after school.

Imagine the deflation I felt when she came my way, and I realized she was coming toward me. I said nothing as she told me, "Well I had to meet you!" When I asked why she said, "[Jason Biggs] lied to me and told me that those chocolates were for me. Then today I found out they were for you. I wanted to see the girl my son lied to me for." Ooof. Harsh. I clutched my chocolates tight in my arms and scurried off. (I didn't want her asking for them back or something!)

The point is, this small morsel of what the boys remember made my heart smile and gave me a glimmer of hope--no matter how shallow. I am certainly not saying that it changed my life when I learned that someone remembered their fourth grade crush... it's just that sometimes I wonder what in the heck people do remember about me from the past.

And that is a welcomed bit of remembrance, if you ask me. Also, under that premise, all the guys who said that they slept with me when they didn't (three such come to mind) must also truly remember their penises never touched my vagina. Just sayin'. 

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