BIW Versus Chick Fil A

Yea, your little cow signs that say "Eat Mor Chikin" are cute and all, behind that, your mission is laced with hate. Maybe Chick Fil A didn't need to particularly come out and say how conservative, anti-gay and generally lame they were for us to know it, as my husband pointed out--they are, after all, closed on Sundays for their employees to go to church. That might have been a tip-off because it's unusual that anyone would miss out on a whole day of profits....

But to actually come out and say that you don't support gay marriage is pretty bold. What they failed to come out and say was that they also support "anti-gay organizations." To me, this has gone way beyond a political issue, it's a human issue and they are essentially saying that they don't support equality, or basic human decency to live as you please. I have seen people posting on FaceBook for the past week or so, saying how they like what the President of Chick Fil A, Dan Cathy had to say. Some even went as far to post their statuses that they will go out of their way to support the organization....

So I wanted to make a counter statement to say that I will be going out of my way to make sure I am not supporting a culture of hate. What Chick Fil A is doing goes way beyond some right to an opinion... that is, if you are still the type of person that disagrees with action by a company that back up their hate speech. The problem for me? They are actively trying to further the anti-gay agenda and that is something entirely different than saying you feel one way or another. Chick Fil A says that they are supporting "marriage" but it's just a lie, plain and simple.

And while we are on the subject, let's take one moment to briefly reflect on the subject of marriage in general. Let's be honest about the state of marriage in America... it ain't the best. Fifty percent divorce rates don't really give marriage a great image. Perhaps we need gay people to be able to get married in order to help our fledgeling institution of marriage, if anything. In a culture where divorce and cheating are rampant, gay people actually want to get married, unlike so many of their straight counterparts who instead are increasingly choosing cohabitation over nuptials. Perhaps it can restore to marriage a seriousness that seems all but lost on many of my peers (and everyone else for that matter.)

I also have to ask, why is it that people feel so personally affected by someone choosing to live their life with someone of the same sex? And I have to simultaneously address the fact that many of these people function under the guise of being "good Christians." What a load of puke! A good Christian would never judge a fellow human! Perhaps what Dan Cathy (along with the rest of you anti-gay warriors) needs to ask himself is "What would Jesus do?"

I am going to guess that Jesus, just like the Muppets, would choose not to endorse hate and instead take his business elsewhere. Because who in their right mind wants to eat a chicken sandwich with an agenda of hate? It might taste good initially, but in the end, it feels bad for all of us as a nation. Coming out against any group of people just doesn't make sense... would so many people be flocking to Chick Fil A if Dan Cathy had come out and said he didn't believe in interracial marriage??? Because that used to be against the law, too, and if you look back at videos from the 1950s, you might find it looks much like a modern day line at the nearest Chick Fil A.

I will be joining the boycott of Chick Fil A. I am glad to see that others feel the same way I do, and that cities are barring the expansion of the chain restaurant. Sure, the corporation is entitled to their opinion, and We, The People, are entitled to our actions as a result of their opinions... and I believe there are more people out there who support the gay community than those with small minds.

So by all means, take your big old butts to the nearest Chick Fil A, stuff yourself with fried foods and call it liberty. I'm calling it something different. We'll have to agree to disagree.

Over and Out! 

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