Pitching & Chocolate Zucchini Bread

I have been pitching a ton of articles these days... it's part of that behind the scenes stuff that writers do whilst others think I am twiddling my thumbs. Let the record show that I do, in fact, twiddle my thumbs in between queries, but I do not twiddle in lieu of querying. Point is, once you've sent out umpteen different pitches, sometimes it feel like your scatterbrained and then all there is to do is wait. And Wait.

Because hearing back from an editor can take, like a long time. They are busy people, after all.

So, on a day when I have sent a pitch that I am particularly fond of, I can have a tendency to have  a build up of nervous energy. That's when I  like to cook. Cooking takes my mind off of whatever real successes or failures I am having in my professional life and allows me to focus solely on my successes or failures in the kitchen. That and it keeps me from obsessively checking my email to see if anyone in cyberspace has tried to reach me.

This was precisely the headspace I was in on a Tuesday afternoon when I decided to make chocolate zucchini bread. It had been calling my name for DAYS. While I kind of suck at making biscuits or real breads without the help of my trusty bread machine, quick breads (those without yeast) happen to be something I can actually bake.

Caution: drool ahead. Oh, and a quick fix for when your bread falls apart. Yes, a slight kitchen hiccup... ah well. It wouldn't be a week in the kitchen without a little broken bread!!

When I laid it out like this, it seemed like a lot of ingredients... but I had 'em all, so I guess it doesn't matter. Most people who bake will probably have them too. 

Ladies and gentlemen: a gi-normous zucchini. 

I shredded a cup and half of that bad boy for the recipe... which, honestly, wasn't enough. It was hard to taste the zucchini in the bread in the end. It was more chocolate than anything else. Not that anyone complained. They didn't. 

Dry ingredients... 

Okay, so I had everything laid out and ready to go into the mixer. 

All I had to do was turn it on and add the stuff! 

And so I did! 

Lots of chocolate... which I don't know why I was craving chocolate because generally I am not into sweets. This day I was. 

Batter up! 

By the time it came out of the oven, it was looking prrrreeeeeetttty awesome. 

Unfortunately, it was looking a little too awesome if you ask me, which is why I prematurely tried to take it out of the pan. It was a bad decision. 

That resulted in this being the bottom of the bread... 

I just took the stuff out of the bottom of the pan and smashed it back together. Whatever. "Who's to see" as Julia Child would say. 

Crisis averted, bread desserted! 
Yes, this made quite the dessert. 

CLICK HERE for this mouthwatering recipe!!!! 

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