"Strong Is The New Pretty"

Brian Williams said it on the Nightly News broadcast on Tuesday, "Strong is the new pretty," and isn't it true, or have I just caught a case of Olympic fever?! These Olympians are seriously awesome, and among them is a lot of women who are bringing home the gold for our country left and right. Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas have been among my favorites, but any way you cut it, these women kick serious butt.

From synchronized swimming to vaulting to gymnastics to archery and women's soccer, there is a lot of girl power that is fueling my womanly fire. Dubbing this Olympic year the "Year of the Woman" seems highly appropriate, and I am thrilled to be witnessing it unfolding... but to also dub "strong" the new "pretty" --- well that is a new mantra and I hope it catches fire.

The thing is, we really can be both, though it has been fleeting for women for years to simultaneously embody strong and pretty. Generally, it seems that society expects us to be one or the other, and that can be frustrating for women who actually feel both of these things and not just one or the other. So why the change? Why is it suddenly "on trend"?

I attribute the change to the greater incorporation of feminism in our society. Women have come such a long way in the last 50-70 years, and the seeds are more fully implanted with each generation. The media seems to have embraced this notion and run with it during the Olympics and it's wonderful. I am feeling the love for the ladies and I am happy to see that strong is being seen as something to aspire to...

We need to associate strength and beauty more often as a feminine quality because so many of the things we find in nature that are beautiful are also strong; like plants and other flowers. You get the idea. Anyway, I hope that you have found as much inspiration in the Olympic games this year as I have and that all the women out there are feeling empowered on the most fundamental level.


Be strong ladies, 'cause it's totally hot! 

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