Stuff I Use: Waring Pro Blender

When our blender totally died this year, it was time to take a big step: to buy our very first blender together. I know--it seems a little bit silly, right? To be buying your first blender together nearly 9 years after you met, but that was where we were. So to the kitchen store we went to pick one out.

Though I am generally the one who gets down and dirty in the kitchen, I did something I rarely do: I let my husband pick the appliance! That was because he is the one who primarily uses the blender, mostly for mixed drinks. I was pretty surprised by his choice of the Waring Pro blender.... mostly because I thought he was going to go for the cheapy one.

The Waring pro blender isn't the most expensive blender on the market, but it isn't the cheapest one, either, coming in at about a hundred dollars or so. What really sold us on it was the glass blender. Because that was what broke on our last one--the plastic bottom on the blender. And that's annoying. So we wanted something more durable.

Esthetically, the blender is pleasing to look at. So it gets definite points in that department. And it's simple--which I like, too. There are three settings, off, low and high. Keeping it simple.

As for performance, I am very happy with the blender. It does a bang up job on blending my stuff evenly and I haven't had any issues with it at all. I make a lot of homemade bloody mary mix, and it does a great job on that as well as smoothies and frozen pina coladas as well. I bet it will also do a kick butt hollandaise, though I have yet to try it.

A small confession on my Waring Pro, but also a reason I wanted to write this post: Cook's Illustrated, one of my favorite food-oriented magazines, did a comparison of several blenders and they didn't give my Waring Pro a good rating, which really surprised me because I have been so impressed with my machine. So I am not sold on their review, but thought it was worthy of a mention, in case you saw it, and you were wondering. Don't believe it--cause this blender has me blending in bliss!!

Also, some great points about my Waring Pro: it's made in America, which I love. Any time I can buy a product that is made in the good old USA, I love to do that. Support our country, people! And, Rachel Ray uses a Waring Pro on her television show--a fact I learned only after I bought my own, but nonetheless, pretty cool. 

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