Kitchen Fail: Chocolate Covered Bananas

I have a dirty little chocolate secret... I have a terrible time melting the stuff. I don't know what it is, but I just can't get the hang of it. Okay, well, that is not entirely true. I can melt it the old fashioned way--in a double boiler--but I can't melt in the microwave and it's KILLING me. I want to melt chocolate in the microwave dagnabit!

It all started one afternoon when I had both bananas and chocolate. Melting the chocolate and dipping those 'naners in there seemed like the perfect idea. I was going to freeze them and surprise my husband with an awesome frozen treat. Little did I know, I was on the verge of another kitchen fail.

As most kitchen fails do, mine started out perfectly. I was melting the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments. I had reached a minute and a half, and it was looking melty, but it still had not reached that creamy consistency. So I put on another 30 seconds... and it was about 10 seconds over the line.

When I pulled the chocolate out, it had started to burn on the bottom. I thought maybe I could ignore it. I don't know what possessed me, but I tried to literally ignore the burnt chocolate... but as I tried to dip those god forsaken bananas into the chocolate, it became apparent that ignoring the problem was not going to work. UGH.

I always run into trouble with these modern conveniences! The crock pot? Can't do it. Rice cookers? Disaster. Melting chocolate in the microwave? FAIL. A part of me thinks that I should give up on the microwaved melt all together.... but there is a part of me that knows I will be back for more.

In general, it's more an issue of not being familiar with chocolate than it is the fault of my microwave. And maybe in the future I will, in fact be more familiar with the melting temperatures of chocolate and how to properly use my microwave to reach these ends. Until then, I have a bunch of sliced frozen bananas in my freezer that will hopefully make for some awesome smoothies.

Anyway, what I am sure you want to see are the pictures of said fail. I won't letcha down!

Two ingredients... leave it to me to screw one of them up. On the plus side, my stacking abilities are at an all time high! 

Hello chocolate... ready to melt? 

I had my naners all cut up and ready for a nice dip. 

And then I made my chocolate look like this..... UGH! 

This would be the part where I tried to ignore the burned chocolate and dip the bananas anyway... FAIL. I like to think this is all Pinterest's fault... because they make these crafty little ideas seem so easy!!

Just one more shot of my burned chocolate. I know you sympathize with my plight... haha. 


  1. Sooo Billy, I am huge fan of the microwaveable chocolate wafers in the baking aisle. They are definitely cheating, but they make super easy and delicious chocolate covered strawberries! You should try them!

  2. Oh that's a great idea!!! No shame in short cuts... and we don't even have to call it cheating :)